New Order

new wave, post-punk, alternative, rock, synthpop


British electronic rock band formed in 1980 in Manchester, members of Joy Division - Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris - after their leader Ian Curtis committed suicide.

Taking a new name and inviting new participants - Gillian Gilbert, - New Order continued to develop the style of Joy Division (single «Ceremony», 1981). Soon, however, their melancholic post-punk changed samples in electronic dance music. Searching for a new sound reflected second album «Power, Corruption & Lies», as the culmination of his was the single «Blue Monday» (1983), which became the hallmark of the group. Subsequent albums - «Low-Life» (1985), «Brotherhood» (1986), «Technique» (1989) - which has become characteristic of the approved New Order style combined genres of alternative rock and electropop. In 1990, the group recorded the anthem for the England football team «World in Motion» took 1st place, becoming the only single New Order, who led the British charts. In the following eight years, New Order were actually in a state of dissolution, - each member of the team involved in their own projects - only exception was the work on the album «Republic» (1993) and a series of concerts in support of it. At the end of the 1990s. New Order rallied and recorded the album «Get Ready» (2001), which marked a new, more guitar sound of the band. Then Gilbert left the New Order, and it was replaced by guitarist Phil Cunningham. In 2005 came the eighth studio album, «Waiting for the Sirens' Call», in which the New Order tried to return to its typical landscape format x-1980. In 2007, bassist Hook announced his departure from the group, and then came a four-year break from the collective activity. In autumn 2011, New Order - without Hook, but with the participation of Gilbert - gathered for a series of concerts. Since the beginning of 2012, the group tours extensively around the world. At the beginning of January 2013 it was released the album «Lost Sirens», consisting of records 2003-2005., Intended in due time to the ninth album. September 25, 2015 the market entered a new album - Music Complete.

New Order were the most successful team of Manchester independent label Factory Records; after the company's bankruptcy in 1992. New Order moved to London Records