Paul Kalkbrenner

minimal, techno, electro, minimal techno


Paul Kalkbrenner is one of the most colorful figures in the techno scene. Even before the world "Berlin Calling" had seen those night life movie where Paul Kalkbrenner a verdrogten techno DJ's and made him head over heels to fame, he was. But when Kalkbrenner now enters the stage, is the Volume already completely excited before any sound is played. His reaction? He leans slightly dreamy acting on the regulator, teeters, smiles and stretches from time to time in a trance fist slowly up. Sometimes he also adjusts the monitor speakers by a few centimeters. Everything is confirmed with overwhelming jubilation - as could Kalkbrenner ever do something wrong. The offset such evidence, the amount will with pure heights in power, until he finally gives her her beloved bass drum. In September he will give his skills in his only Berlin show on the Lollapalooza for the best.

Paul Kalkbrenner — past festivals