The Chemical Brothers

dance, techno, trip-hop, alternative


The Chemical Brothers are a British musical duo, working in the genre of electronic music. Along with Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy and The Crystal Method is one of the most famous groups, representatives and founders of big beat. Participants duo - Tom Rowlands (. English Tom Rowlands, born 11 January 1971) and Ed Simons (English Ed Simons, born June 9, 1970.). The duo won numerous awards during his career, including four Grammy Awards - in 1998 for their single «Block Rocking Beats» in the category "Best Rock Instrumental" for the biggest hit with the album Push The Button - Galvanize, recorded with the participation of rapper Q-Tip, prevailed in the category Best Dance Recording (2005), twice for Best Electronic / Dance album ( «Push the Button» (2005) and «We Are the Night» (2007)).

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