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Warpaint — american indie rock band from Los Angeles (California, USA).
In February 2009, Warpaint released their first album EP Exquisite Corpse, consisting of five (in the reprint - six) tracks. For the sake of participation in the group recording temporarily returned Shannyn Sossamon. Her drums can be heard in songs Stars, Elephants and Beetles. To mix (not produced!) The album is John Frusciante, and the party drums for Billie Holiday played a well-known musician, the current guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers Josh Klinghoffer. He and replaced in mid-2009 David Orlando. Journalists like to focus on this fact, that it became annoying girls order. In fairness it should be noted that the contribution of Josh in the group is not large, it only temporarily, for three months, toured with Warpaint California and starred in their first music video for Elephants.

Since the beginning of 2010 for Warpaint begins a new creative phase: they set about recording their debut full-length album, actively touring the western states with a group of Akron / Family, give a lot of interviews, released the third video, and most importantly - sign a contract with the famous British record company Rough Trade. In May, the band went on their first European mini-tour, consisting of only a few concerts "on trial." Europeans take a very warm group performances are held with great success, the critics loved it. In the summer of 2010 Warpaint start dense tour of the United States ended in October. The most significant event at this time is a tour with the band The XX, in which the girls played before, and the performance on the cult festival Lollapalooza. Barely finished the last American concert, the girls fly back to Europe. During the month of Warpaint gives recitals in major western European cities, paying particular attention to the UK. It is no coincidence: the British literally idolize girls and world-famous music magazine "the NME" Warpaint gained the status of "new queens of the underground."