Best Kept Secret 2018

June 8 — 10, 2018
Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands

Why you should go there

True to its name, “Best Kept Secret” is a festival that isn’t as crowded or massively popular as some of the other events in Benelux, yet offers many exclusive pleasures for both newbies and seasoned festivalgoers. Located in a tiny Hilvarenbeek village 15km from Tilburg, it has no less than five separate stages with an intriguing mix of famous headliners, promising upstarts and local talent on each of them. After passing through the entrance which is always marked with huge fluorescent letters, music fans find themselves amidst a picturesque rural landscape with the main stage beautifully positioned near the coast of the lake. Swimming is allowed, so if the weather’s good enough, Best Kept Secret has an additional attraction that few other festivals can offer.

Festival founders aimed to create “something that we’d like to go to ourselves”, so it is not surprising that convenience rules supreme here. The schedule is organized so that the overlaps between lineups on different stages are kept to a minimum. You’re not required to lose your breath running from one stage to another at the speed of sound. There’s a food court near each stage too, so a quick meal is possible even during the shows. Just be aware that paying in cash is futile – you’ll be asked to deposit money on a special bracelet given to you at the entrance and then use the bracelet as a credit card with PayPass everytime you want to buy something.

The accommodation is possible right there on the festival ground, but lots of people prefer booking apartments in Tilburg and then having a bicycle ride to Hilvarenbeek – a very Dutch way of bringing yourself to a concert.

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