Dekmantel Festival 2017

August 2 — 6, 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why you should go there

The Dekmantel Festival is an electronic music festival which takes place in Amsterdam. This year it will be happening between August 3-6. Every year the featured lineup is composed of the best and brightest of underground techno, experimental electronic music, and house. By adhering to high standards for sound quality and paying painstaking attention to details, the organizers have managed to lift Dekmantel to the place as one of the most prominent and well attended festivals in Europe.

The festival takes place in the Amsterdamse Bos, which is a great park in the south-east of the city. Over time it has played host to many gatherings, political events, and concerts. Past years have feature trail blazing performances from groups and individuals such as: the Motor City Drum Ensemble, Dixon, Robert Hood, and Laurent Garnier.

History of Dekmantel Festival

The Dekmantel Festival got its start back in 2013, it's co-founders being Thomas Martojo and Casper Tielrooij. It's really displayed some healthy growth in the intervening years, going from the 5,000 capacity crowd of 2013 to the selling out of the 10,000 tickets that were available well ahead of the start date this year. Essentially it was conceived with the goal of paying tribute to the electronic music underground, and today's featured performers are an earsplitting mixture of acid, techno, electronic, etc.

Current Atmosphere

The present atmosphere engulfing the festival is not as raucous or mind-blowing as it could be, owing in part to the venue for this affair. The Amsterdamse Bos, where the festival has been held since its inception is by far not the largest place that could be found for this gathering, however, it is of a manageable size, manageable for your mind to be able to grasp what's going on at each of the five stages without blowing a fuse.

Concert goers can hang out in this area and watch one of the acts and it's easy to end up staying for the whole day, because there's plenty of variety to make certain that there's never a chance for anyone to become bored. There's also an absence of most of the crazy highjinx that take place at prolonged concerts of this type. Most of the people that attend seem to be serious music lovers who enjoy the festival for what it is and behave themselves, at least to a degree.

For all intents and purposes the music is truly high quality, this is one instance where it isn't just about being loud and wild, but where electronic music and its fans are given respect. Some important DJs and others in the music industry attend this festival too, and they don't come expecting just a lot of noise. What keeps them coming back year after year is that people here, from the performers to the planners, to the crowd itself seem to honestly care about the music. That doesn't mean that you can't have plenty of fun, but the focus really is on the music and quality abounds.

Places Nearby to Visit

While you're in the area drinking in your fill of electronic music, you might want to consider stopping by a few other places as well, especially if you have come to this country especially for the festival. If you're feeling a bit hungry you may want to stop by De Bosbaan. This restaurant provides a fantastic view over the water, and is a great place to stop by and have some danish and coffee if you're not in the mood for a big meal. The service can be a little frenetic, but you'll get used to it, and the place itself is really quite nice with good food.

There's also Fun Forest Amsterdam which is nearby if you'd like to indulge in a little climbing and rope bridge walking. Get right up there in the tree canopy. The place is fun and exciting, and it even has special tracks for children which they can safely climb. You can also get free parking near the Bosbaan Cafe, and they provide lots of room for bicycles.

Then you have the Van Gogh Museum. This is where you go for anything Van Gogh. You can easily kill several in this museum admiring the artwork of Van Gogh and learning about this driven and tortured painter.

All in all, if you attend The Dekmantel Festival, you can have a great time just hanging out there, but if you're in the mood for a little fun and exploring, then the surrounding area provides some great opportunities.

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