Glitch Festival 2017

September 7 — 8, 2017
Rabat, Malta

techno, house, electro, minimal, tech house, minimal techno, deep house


Last year's lineup included: Gesaffelstein, Carl Craig, Dave Clarke, Ben Klock, Fatima Yamaha, KiNK

Why you should go there

When countries like Spain and Croatia continue bulging with numerous unique music festivals, the beautiful island of Malta has began to look like it might be at the top of the list of these countries. The GLITCH FESTIVAL is a brand new techno and house festival which is already causing stirs around Europe, is the newest to pitch up on the beautiful shores of Malta. Malta is least known in the world because of its size and unique culture that is not vibrant. This small island lies in the Mediterranean Sea and is an awesome tourist destination in Europe. The festival is trying to relay the message to the rest of the world about the sweetness that the country can offer.

Brief history

This festival started in 2015. It has, indeed been years in the festivals making. Local promoters in Malta always dreamt of an opportunity to have and own such a festival of this magnitude and stature. With many years of experience planning good events, the way to organize a unique festival was like a natural step towards the right direction. The GLITCH FESTIVAL comprises promoters that are majorly based in Malta. The driving force behind it is one team of experts that have innovated and supported a forte locally. The scene has really grown for over a decade supporting local Malta artists and entertaining the community with an array of the finest acts, DJs and artists from across the world. The idea behind this unique festival that resides in the island of Malta was moving to the potential that was unleashed for the festival tourism. The climate of Malta and its hospitable nature provides the unique backdrop for a music fest.

The Festival

The Glitch Festival makes waves on Malta Island, bringing together a unique line-up at the house-and-techno fortress that is hidden deep in those magical Buskett woods. Partygoers can easily lap up the end of summer sunshine over a back drop of the sophisticated sun-smoothed house and disco that is then followed by darker, incoherent techno, acid and electro that will propel the party throughout the entire night. The Glitch Festival (Malta) promises a friendly 2-day adventure that will focus on the sundry line-up and the unique energy and atmosphere on the Maltese dance floor. It incorporates people of different races, class and cultures, leave alone religions.

Interesting places near the Glitch festival

The event is held at the Gianpula Fields in the city of Haz-Zebbug. There are beautiful beaches and nice palm trees on the shores of the host island where tourists and party goers can go. The ambience that comes with the swinging tides of the Mediterranean Sea creates an awesome partying atmosphere. This valley where the festival is held is close to Rabat and the club is near an old farmhouse that has 9 bars, several swimming pools a restaurant and seating area. It has 3 different rooms that attract large crowds because of the sufficient space. It opens during summer and has ground that is sufficient for 4000 people. This space is enough for a serious European gig to sun-kiss the departing warmth of the beautiful sun. The festival grounds is surrounded by touristic hotels and restaurants that can serve the quench of any person attending.

This Maltese festival has become the world’s most recent entertainment innovations in the history of Europe. Some other countries like Norway have the Oya festival which in a way resembles this one. However, this one has painted a well crafted image of Malta on the world map. The event attracts musicians from across the globe, DJs, and other entertainment gurus. Many people get an opportunity to feel and learn about Malt and the locals. For many years, the country has remained to be a quiet island in the Mediterranean that the world knows least about. For fun before summer comes to an end, I dare you to try investing your money in this outrageous European festival. No regrets whatsoever, the fun and ambience in the warm coastal climate are the ultimate reason why you should not miss out on this year’s list. Good luck!

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