Iceland Airwaves 2016

November 2 — 6, 2016
Reykjavik, Iceland

Why you should go there

Reykjavik has been the bleeding edge of Nordic culture lately. If you are into polar nights and quirky destinations that’s your festival. Even if you have never heard of anyone but Bjork and Sigur Mos it’s worth going to see what the land of fire an ice can offer. 
Iceland airways started as party in an airplane hangar sponsored by Icalandair in 1999. The homegrown festival soon went much further then the walls of an hangar, turning downtown usually quite Reykjavik into the place of music, art and all things good. Tickets are usually sold out around in August and they who come from abroad are mostly on a par with locals. The off venue program usually attracts much more locals. 
Reykjavik is more on the smaller side so most events are easily accessible. The venues are pretty small, so better plan in advance. International headliners usually play only once, but local artist can play several times. 
The central venues are usually the best but the most crowded ones as well. We have the list of the best:


Olaf Eliasson built the controversial venue not far from the harbour. It’s the central hub of the festival with the Media Centre in it. Icelandic Symphony usually plays there outside of the festival. A worth seeing thing too. 

Hafnarhus, The Reykjavik Art Museum 

Contains a great collection of modern art and so is good to visit during day time. One of the central locations during the festival, loved by most headliners. 

The Nordic House 

A beautiful modern building with the view to Esja mountain. Beautiful festival location and great setting. 

Frikirjan The Free Church 

built in the late 19th century holds very limited performances which are nevertheless are a no miss ones.
The most intimate festival location.

The Blue Lagoon

The place to host an iconic Airwaves party - The Blue Lagoon Chill. The famous sky blue waters are worth visiting any day but the party turns them into a alien surreal pool - an even you wont want to miss. 

Iceland is a spectacular place to see any day outside of the event, so don’t overplay. Leave some time to try catching some Northern Lights. The more time you spend wandering Reykjavik streets during the festival the more Icelandic Airwaves magic you feel.  

How to get there:

The direct adress: Laugavegur 105

Travelling by Bus: When it comes to public transportation (called Strætó in Icelandic) Reykjavík has an excellent bus system with regular services to and from all the city’s major towns and attractions. For all information regarding public transport visit the Visit Reykjavík site. 


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