Oya Festival 2017

August 8 — 12, 2017
Oslo, Norway

Why you should go there

The festival is held annually in Oslo, the Norwegian capital. It is a music festival that is always staged in the Medieval Park commonly referred to as Middelalderparken. It has immensely grown from its modest 1999 start and has now expanded into Norway’s biggest festival. It consists of 4 major stages: Vika, Enga, Odden and Sjøsiden. In 2009 an approximate of 80 bands performed in the park. Furthermore, the Oya festival has previously featured musicians like Arctic Monkeys, Sonic Youth, Babyshambles and The Stooges. In its first 2 years, it was held on Kalvøya on the outskirts of Oslo. It was moved to the Middelalderparken which is in downtown Oslo. This made the festival become more central. In addition, it takes place for four days in the capital city. Nowadays it is preceded by some night club where concerts are held in all major clubs in Oslo. From 2014, the festival has moved from the original grounds to Tøyen Park, still within Oslo.

Significant festival features

Oslo's magnificent festival is keen in ambience of efficiency that is easy going. Despite having a layout that is relatively compact, it remains a refreshing performance that brings many Norwegians and foreigners together. The main stages of performance are at the grassy slopes’ bottom, creating some kind of amphitheatre effect with sound that is near-perfect. The crowds are always well mannered and are fun-loving without losing control. Moreover, the festival has no unconscious bodies that one can step on, no judgment glares from passers-by. According to the people that organize the festival, for a record 16 years of the event, there has never been any single arrest because of misconduct. It is a festival that promotes peace and harmony among the nationals and visitors. One unique feature of the Oya is the banning of the selfie sticks. In addition, crowd surfing is one other aspect that is prohibited in the festival.

This fest is undoubtedly the biggest Norwegian music fest that consistently attracts musicians rich in talent from hip hop and grime to rock and jazz. As a matter of fact, this year the musician Lana Del Rey will hit headlines where she will perform material from her yet-to-be-launched album Lust for Life. For those individuals with the intention of enjoying drinks and music while also appreciating the environment, organizers at the event have gone a notch higher to make the event green. In fact, it was the first music festival in Norway to get the gold certification award for organic food. It serves 97% organic food to an approximate 2,500 volunteers, 70,000 visitors and 500 artists. All the wastes after the festival is sorted out then recycled, saving approximately 40,000 CO2 tones. This is equivalent to the yearly emissions of 15,000 cars.

Amazing nearby places

While attending the festival, people have the chance to watch the seas and the islands that are near Oslo. More so, there are some pleasant boardwalks like that of Aker Brygge. In addition, the Royal Palace is in the vicinity of the festival grounds, this attracts people from other parts of Europe and the world to have an experience of not only the event but also the ambience of Oslo and Norway. The locals are peaceful hospitable and cultured.

European countries have many music festivals that attract masses from different corners of the continent and globe. Norway has stood out with its fest as a peaceful and growing ceremony over time. The festival has proved to be destined far because of its care for humanity, the environment and health. Its organization and planning is one that other festival organizers should emulate. Oslo is on the world map because of this awesome annual music fest. The Oya festival is simply a masterpiece!

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