Reworks Festival 2017

September 13 — 17, 2017
Thessaloniki, Greece

deep house, house, techno, minimal, tech house, minimal techno, electro


Last year's lineup included: Gus Gus, Agoria, David August, Mano Le Tough, KiNK

Why you should go there

If you are looking for a festival that brings together all Greek culture, then Reworks festival is the best for you. It is one on the greatest Greek festivals held in Thessaloniki. Since it's first edition in 2005, 900 artists as well as local and international perform on it's stage. It is important to know more about it if you would like to visit this festival.

Festivals in Greece

There are many sorts of festivals in Greece based on unique Greek culture. They are placed mostly during summer and fall. Popular Greek festivals are:

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  • The Film festival of Thessaloniki
  • Orthodox festival
  • Apokreas
  • Navy week
  • August Moon Festival
  • Reworks Festival
  • Rockwave Festival
  • Kastoria River Party.

Reworks Festival

Reworks Festival is a popular festival well known by the whole world. It takes place at Thessaloniki and that's why it is also called festival of Thessaloniki. Reworks Festival takes place during mid-September. The purpose of this event is the enhancement and reinforcement between music and art. There are different stages on the festival's venue: Rewords Warehouse, Rework Artrium, Reworks club, Reworks lab stage, Reworks Air stage, Reworks Library. At Reworks Festival, and you might see Max Richter with the Symphonic Orchestra of Thessaloniki and some performance of local talents.

In 2005, the first Reworks Festival brings together fifty music artists who perform on twelve different stages during 5 days. Despite Greece crises, this festival took place with slogan: "Define your future". At the Reworks Festival anniversary in 2014, it hosts for a first time a street stage with domestic and international acts during 3 days.

In 2016, it is still one of the Europe’s best loved festivals. By constantly pushing people to fight against Greece crisis and explore new ideas and musical trends, it helps local people to valorize their culture and for visitors to discover new amazing culture.

From 13th to 17th of September, 70 acts will perform on 12 stages, which present a broad spectrum of electronic music. Many popular artists presented here before: Solomun, Mano Le tough, Ben Klock, Agoria, Anja Schneider, Michael Mayer, KINK, Jamie Woon, GusGus, WhoMadeWho, Kiasmos and Kobosil. Since 12 years, more than 900 artists experienced the festival.

Advantages of attending Reworks Festival

Attending to Reworks festival is a pleasure a great honor. As it is one of the best-loved festivals in Europe, you will be amazed of discovering new culture, attending great and beautiful Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece. The largest port during roman years, it has a significance military and commercial base. There are beautiful and historical buildings you can visit such as the White Tower, Roman Agora, Thessaloniki style, neoclassical style, Aristotle Square, Ladadika Quarter, Byzantine Church, Paved Street, Navarino Square and some modern and impressive buildings. Thessaloniki architecture is a mixture of brilliant monuments and modern buildings. You can also enjoy traditional hotels that respects traditional architecture. Reworks Festival (Greece) is the opportunity to discover Greece stories. Because of their impacts over contemporary Europe and the whole world, it is important to know their history.

Attending Reworks Festival will help you discover the culture of Greece through their beautiful buildings, cuisine and nature.

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